Maintaining Mature Dreadlocks

You'll continue this A-B Maintenance routine until your dreads are locked. This is normally between three and six months. When the dreads are locked you should stop waxing. You can still use a maintenance serving now and then to help new knots compress but you won't need to apply it to every dread or even the whole dread. It will just be used in the area of the dread that has new knots you wish to compress. In many hair types it won't be necessary to wax these new knots. The Clockwise Rubbing technique you'll learn creates knots in a very organic way that tend to lock and compress easily.

When your dreadlocks are mature the environment that you'll want to maintain will be somewhere between the A and B week environment  (closer to the A week). You'll notice that regular washing with Dread Soap has a few cool advantages. It will maintain a dreadlocking environment where new knots can be created at the speed that the hair grows. Accelerator and Lock Peppa can be used to make knotting easier whenever needed but with regular washing you'll be able to make new knots most of the time. This is because the Dread Soap leaves no residue whatsoever on the surface of the hair strands. The other benefit is that the inside of the dreadlocks will remain clean and residue free. This becomes more and more important as the dreads age and continue to compress.

The wax can be used as a moisturizer for the life of the dreads but I don't recommend it. The Dread Butta is way better for that. It's easier to apply and doesn't have any of the "newly waxed tackiness" feeling...actually it makes the dreadlocks feel soft and smooth. It also smells like heaven in a I'm feening for some. =] Keeping them moisturized is important. You don't want to let them get dried out, this can lead to weak, brittle dreads and eventually breakage.