Our Dreadlocks Philosophy


(We're deep like that.)


We see dreadlocks as a powerful way to spread open minded attitudes and promote a life philosophy that leaves the world cooler than we found it. Sounds like a tall order for a hairstyle but as you read on you'll realize that dreadlocks can be much more than a hairstyle.

Why do dreadlocks lend themselves so well to such a lofty goal as bettering humanity? It's all about Accountability. The bottom line is, if you decide to get dreadlocks you need to be prepared to be accountable for your actions. You and your actions will be remembered like never before. I always thought I had a pretty good memory for faces until I began wearing dreadlocks. People I had barely said hi to remembered me. Many of them I hadn't actually spoken to, but they still remembered me, and that is precisely the point. If you have dreadlocks you don't need to speak to leave a lasting impression on people you come in contact with.

This can be good or bad depending on your lifestyle. If you are good to people they will remember your kindness and life will be good. If you are hateful, people will remember it and you will notice yourself encountering more and more negativity. In other words you will be held accountable for what you do. Like a very direct sort of karma. This scares people that are not in the habit of taking responsibility for themselves and they generally don't keep their dreads very long. On the other hand it's great to be remembered for your kindness and be rewarded for it.

I learned this first hand at the post office. For several years we took all of our post office packages to the post office by hand. It usually took a couple of trips to and from the car each time. I always made it a practice to hold the door for people every chance I got. After a couple months I noticed that nearly everyone had begun holding the door for me. People would get out of line and grab the door when they saw the " dreadlocks guy " had his arms full. One sweet old lady saw me coming back from the car with more packages and held the door for me as I crossed the parking lot. I had held the door for her at some point and she was so eager to return my favor she let 2 or 3 people pass her in line as she waited to hold the door. Pretty crazy huh?

It's easy enough to forget someone that does you a small favor like holding a door but dreadlocks leave a lasting impression. What impression you leave is up to you. You are the most important part of the revolution! When you venture forth into the world you will being influencing people immediately for example:

As you make use of the info and products we offer your dreadlocks are going to be mighty nice. There's not doubt you'll be turning heads and telling people how you got your dreads to look so good. Even people you don't talk to will see your dreads and their mental picture of dreadlocks will be instantly changed for the better. Like a butterfly effect the word will spread that dreadlocks don't have to be gross…which means if they happen to be gross it's the choice of the wearer and has nothing to do with the nature of dreadlocks. An important point that most people don’t get. All that just because you're there… Now if you can take a second and tell people about the dreadhead philosophy you'll be spreading more than just the dreadlocks hairstyle…you'll be introducing people to a dreadlocks lifestyle.

Now that you know what were about check out the Making Dreads section and see what it takes to create revolutionary dreadlocks.