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dreadheadhq testimonial caleb I found out about DreadHeadHQ just by researching dreadlock stuff on the Internet. I had actually found another company's site first but as I kept looking I found what would become my dreadlock home. As I continued to research dread stuff I kept coming back to DreadHeadHQ because they looked to be the most popular and the cleanest! That was a big thing for me because my parents said I could not get dreads if they weren't clean. So I chose DHHQ as my dread home and got the supa dupa dread kit and got a date to put them in. I found some solid friends to help me and we went for it! It took 12 hours to finish them all! And I ended up with 30 baby dreads. The first few months were hard stuff! They were filled with worry, questions, and lots of palm rolling but they finally started locking up nice.

Some of the most interesting things happened in those first months. Many of my friends were shocked but ended up liking them, even the people who were against me getting dreads like them. And lots of questions came, like do you put honey in your hair? Do you put cow poop in those? How much do you people smoke to make your hair get like that? And my favorite one, what are those things on your head?

But I often get complements on my dreads, from every one, white, black, and all the other colors of the human rainbow. And I owe it all to DHHQ! I am always so impressed with how awesome they are. I believe they're products are they best out there for dreads. They are clean, natural, and make amazing dreads if you use them right. And yes I am a wax user, or at least I was for the time i needed the wax. If you use it correctly then they make great dreads, and if you don't believe me the proof is in my dreads! I hope any one who reads this just knows that these dreads are all thanks to DHHQ and this dread head thanks them so much for making this possible for me. Keep rocking it hard guys and I love you all. These one year old dreads thank you very much Jonny.
DreadHead Caleb Hoskins.


dreadheadhq testimonial benHey, guys. This is Ben from way down Georgia way! I have been growing dreadlocks for 3 years now and I absolutely stand by Dreadhead HQ for all of my dread needs. First off, the service is great. Knotty Jonny and Sloan are 100% supportive and are readily available to assist with anything you may need. They are professional, reliable, and super-friendly! And the products? They are amazing. All of their dread products are all-natural and they make the locking process and maintenance so much easier. Whether your dreads are new or well established, there is definitely something for you.

Yes, the nice folks at Dreadhead HQ really are passionate about what they do, not just because of their vast knowledge about dreads, or their appreciation for others with dreads, but because they have dreads! They understand this lifestyle and they live it everyday. No gimmicks, no frills. These guys know their stuff and are NOT out to sell you useless junk. Their products are all-natural and made to work!


dreadheadhq testimonial latashaWell i had dreads once for 3 years i did not know about dreadHead HQ. I went to an African hair braiding salon and they twisted my hair and coated it in gel and told me to palm roll it as much as possible till it dreaded. It took a long time for the hair to dread but it did. I had the dreads for about 3 years and then i got pregnant .I had a hormonal fit one morning and cut them all off at the roots.

I cried for 2 weeks and when the hair was 6 inches I re dreaded it .This time using your method and kit! The difference was amazing. MY hair was dreaded after the work was done and i did not have to worry about it undreading in my sleep or in the shower. We did 1 inch square sections and they turned out beautiful!
Latasha Pippin


dreadheadhq testimonial austin

I've had my dreads for 4 years now, and started them back then with the dreadheadhq dread kit, awesome products, kept my hair happy and nappy for years and will continue to in the future.
Austin Abtdreadheadhq testimonial austin


dreadheadhq testimonial riley"I used Dreadhead products to start my dreads and I still use them today. My dreads would not look even close to as good as they do now if it wasn't for the maintenance tips and advice from your site. Seriously, everything that Dreadhead makes is awesome. I really can't express just how amazing your products have been to my hair over the years. I probably wouldn't have survived the first few months without the wax and shampoo. And now that they are mature, the Butta is my hair's best friend.."
-Riley Broderson


nicole dreadheadhq testimonial"I've had dreads for about 8 months now and have been using DreadHead HQs products from the start, I even started washing my hair with the DHHQ shampoo before I started my dreads and love how clean they are. I love washing my hair with DHHQs shampoo, its my favourite product! Besides the shampoo I loooove the dread-licious spray the smell is sooo nice!!! I started out with the Supa Dupa Dreadkit and I belief my dreads wouldn't have gotten this tight this fast without their products and support!
Besides their great products I am so grateful for their support on their facebook page, whatever question you have they will get back to you. It really helped when I went through the rough stages of the dread journey."
Thanks so much!!
Nicole Hugg


ryan dreadheadhq testimonialBack in 2004 I started growing my hair (in true heavy metal fashion) and had wonderful visions of long hair flowing past my shoulders and down my back that I'd be able to wave around and fling back and forth while head-banging to my favourite metal bands. However once it got to a certain length I hit a snag. My hair is rather curly and wasn't growing downward like I wanted... It was growing outward... into some kind of lame afro. During 2005 two of my friends (Sam and Owen) acquired themselves some dreadlocks. One of them had naturally very straight hair and the other had curly hair like mine. Their hair now BOTH grew downwards in pretty much the same way... just like I wanted... and to top it off their dreads looked pretty damn awesome... I really liked the look!

Read Ryan's full Dread Story Here!


I've been working on my dreads for about 6 months, but I have just joined the Dread HQ family (I wish I had the calling before I cut 2 feet of hair off, but hindsight being 20/20 and whatnot...) I wish I'd joined much sooner, y'all are SO helpful!  I also did not start all my dreads at once (which has been a pain but I started with an inverted bob that was too short in the back to start them).  I am loving all the products, it is making my life so much easier.  Now you need a product that will cure flaming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and early arthritis!  I'm a gardener/landscaper/farmer's market vendor and this repetitive motion is killing my hands but you do what you gotta do when the dread-bug!  I think my customers think I have a screw loose (and my family already knows that I do), but I've been getting loads of compliments...and even one "You may actually be able to pull this off!"
Thanks Dread HQ!  If you ever need plants or have gardening questions, hit me up (since we are practically neighbors)!
Kristy Taylor
Taylor Family Greenhouse