DreadHeadHQ and "Bright" Green Ideas

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DreadHeadHQ has an unfair advantage when it comes to green.

Being a company of just two people we are able to do things in such a green, sustainable way that it's almost unfair to compare us to other companies, but I'll do it anyway =]

For starters, other companies buy brand new green light bulbs and brand new green monitors and encourage their employees to carpool to the office. That's green.

Every member of DreadHeadHQ - there's just Sloan and I - gets to work every day without using any fossil fuel at all. We work from home. There is no extra office wasting electricity somewhere. That's bright green.

Other companies use recycled paper, that's green.
Our home office is 99.9% paperless. We even use electronic post-it notes! That's bright green.

DreadHead also saves lotsa trees and paper by combining your packing slip, shipping label and invoice on the same sheet of paper that we use to pack your order. All of our packaging lists are printed directly on your shipping label, which allows us to properly pack your order while saving paper. The electronic invoice you will receive by email serves as a backup and provides all the information you'll need if you should need to contact us to get tracking information for your order. Our ordering and fulfillment system is constantly evolving as we try to improve accuracy. How is that green you ask? Imagine the waste when an item has to be returned and another shipped out as a replacement. Whether the error lies with our system, or with the customer, the environment suffers. By streamlining our order process we can help customers avoid mistakes and by implementing quality control measures during packing we can get customers exactly what they ordered. When orders go out perfect everyone wins, including the environment. That's bright green.

Buying custom made, brand new, recycled boxes and having them shipped long distances in small lots via trucks is not so bright...but it's still called green.

The warehouse that ships our orders is shared with dozens of other companies so every resource, including their workforce is shared rather than duplicated. For example - the boxes that our orders ship in are not bought and shipped separately - they are standard boxes that are already on hand for many other companies. While it's true that they were shipped at some point, they were bought locally and the resources required were split between every company that uses those boxes instead of just one company. In other words, one large truck, carried a lot of boxes a short distance, one time, rather than many smaller trucks carrying small loads of boxes many times. Our larger boxes come from another companies operation where they are discarded. Rather than becoming waste they are re-purposed to ship many of our packages with no additional waste created. That is "bright" green.

Some companies buy packing materials made from recycled products to fill the gaps in their boxes. That's green.

We've found by choosing the dimensions of the boxes, to fit the kits or products they were going to be used with, we could drastically reduce and in some cases completely eliminate the use of packaging material. When you receive your DreadHead order you won't find your box packed with custom formed Styrofoam cut outs or cardboard forms to hold the products, (I know, all that stuff does look fancy but it was manufactured to be used once and then thrown away), instead you'll find exactly what you ordered. If you do find packaging material in your box, it's made of recycled paper or 100% biodegradable starch material that is soluble in water. That’s right, you can wash them down the drain and it’s like they were never there. That's bright green!

Some companies have new bottles made that have a high content of recycled material.. They have these bottles specially shipped - often cross country. That's considered green. We use over-run pre-cycled bottles that were already created but never used for their original purpose. These pre-cycled bottles are bought locally and already kept in stock where our products are filled eliminating the need to re-ship them. Because they are used by other companies as well they are always shipped in larger quantities greatly reducing shipping emissions, and energy consumption from multiple smaller shipments. That's bright green.

Many companies now print there catalogs on recycled papers with recycled inks. That's green.
We run exclusively from an online catalog that is never shipped and can be updated without printing. We also have a single page sheet printed front and back with pictures of our main products that we send out occasionally on request. That's bright green!

All this stuff is nothing new, we've been doing it this way since back in 1999 we just thought you knotty gals and guys might be interested to know.

BTW, Sloan and I have several projects in the works to make DreadHeadHQ even more bright green and we're always looking for new ideas.

Our 64oz Enviro-Size Dread Soap is now available. It allows you to get 4 bottles worth of dread soap in just one large bottle. This eliminates additional shipments and saves several plastic bottles as well as packing materials! (and don't miss the recycler's discount below!)

Our Locking Accelerator refills are also available, they eliminate the waste of a second bottle, sprayer and label - You get everything you need to refill your accelerator in a small biodegradable plastic bag!

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If you have some bright green ideas we'd love to hear about'em!