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At DreadHead HQ we eat, sleep and sport dreadlocks…we love'em and we want to spread the dread, letting people know just how much butt dreadlocks kick; as a hairstyle, as well as a lifestyle. We want people to know how enjoyable and rewarding it is to rock their own well maintained dreadlocks.

We wear dreadlocks….day in and day out…..and we are constantly in search of products and techniques to better our dreadlocks and all dreadlock kind. We hope you enjoy our site. It's our gift to you. It is our intense desire that that our energy and love of dreadlocks is apparent as you read our site. We want to be the ultimate source of dreadlocks information so that the masses can be educated and nasty dreadlocks rumors can be put to rest. 

Learn How to Grow Dreadlocks in ANY Hair type!

For those who have decided or are about to decide to get dreadlocks…we want to be there for ya, every step of tha way…making sure that your foray into the world of dreadlocks is nothing short of joyous and that your dreadlocks journey enjoys a complete lack of regret, disappointment and pain…..ok so there is some pain involved but it's less than a tattoo and when you're walking down the street and everyone's eyes are glued to your gorgeous dreads you'll agree it was damn well worth it!

We started DreadHead HQ because we love dreadlocks, that’s why we wear them. We don’t just sell dreads, we live dreads. In other words we are the dreadlocks company that wears dreadlocks. We start our new product testing on ourselves and we don't sell stuff that we don’t personally use on our own dreads. Our aim is to improve the experience of wearing dreadlocks by making it easier and faster to achieve desirable results through all natural methods and by promoting a mindset that will allow dreadheads to stand out from the masses by being noticeably more open minded and less willing to blindly follow the crowd. In this way dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle but the focus of our Dreadlocks Revolution.

If you're ready to learn how to grow dreadlocks check out our DIY Making Dreadlocks section and get started now!


If you want to learn more about DreadHeadHQ you can Read about Our Dreadlocks Philosophy.

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