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Whether you’re starting new dreads or helping new growth knot up, you will be shocked at how quickly and easily you can turn innocent straight hair into nappy dread-breeding-masses of knottyness.

Lock Peppa makes creating knots easy. Ever wish twisting and palmrolling didn’t take so long. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sprinkle some magic dust on your hair and it would just knot up easily when you started rubbing it? It would be like the dread product of all dread products right? Well it’s called Lock Peppa and it works like nobody’s business!

Forming new knots plays a large role in making and maintaining dreads. It doesn’t matter if you’re backcombing your brand new dreads, helping some stubborn new growth lock up or dreadballing the only 4 loose hairs on your fully mature dreads, being able to create knots in straight hair is crucial. The faster the better.

The Lock Peppa helps you make new knots almost immediately right where you need them.

  • Knots form immeasurably faster with much less work.
  • Applies easily to just the hair you’re working with.
  • Non-Sticky, chemical free formula gets the job done without sticking to clothes, steering wheels, keyboards or anything else you might come in contact with while you’re chillin’ out and twistin’ your dreads.

  • How to use Lock Peppa for Maintenance.

    1) Locate the loose hair you want to knot up. Fly away hair, loose hair at the roots or tips, it’s all fair game.

    2) Apply the Peppa. You can shake it directly on the hair via the nifty sifter top or shake a bit on a piece of paper or in a empty jar lid and press your finger into it, then rub it into the hair.

    3) Use Finger Rubbing, Palm Rolling, Clockwise Rubbing etc. To knot the hair.



    Lock Peppa Maintenance TIPS

  • You don’t need to "prep" your dreads before using the lock pepper but, as always, clean, residue free hair makes everything work better.
  • You can also spray some accelerator in the hair and allow it to air dry before using the pepper and the results are even better.
  • The only thing you want to avoid is using the lock pepper right after you wax. Just like with the accelerator clean hair is better.
  • Take lock peppa on long trips when you know you’ll have plenty of time to twist your dreads.
  • Keep some handy near your computer and in front of the tv. Now all that habitual twisting will really pay off.

  • How to use Lock Peppa for Backcombing.

    1) Just before you’re ready to begin backcombing shake a small amount of the lock peppa onto the hair right at the roots. Initially You only want to add Peppa to the first 2 inches or so of hair.

    2) Backcomb as you normally would but now hair will be pushed forward faster and easier. You still want the hair to accumulate slowly, not allowing more than a couple of hairs to be pushed forward on each stroke.



    TIPS for Backcombing with Lock Peppa


    If you are backcombing for the first time it’s probably a good idea to start out by backcombing a few dreads without the Peppa. This will do two things. First it will give you a chance to backcomb on "low speed" so you can get your technique down before you throw it into overdrive. Second it will give you a greater appreciation for how much easier backcombing is with Lock Peppa.

    Start out with less Peppa and as you get the hang of it you can experiment adding more peppa. The more you add the easier it is to make progress backcombing but there is definitely such a thing as too much peppa. When you have too much peppa in the hair it will want to all bunch up and slide forward with each stroke of the comb. This is not good and will lead to:

  • Wide poofy dreads that are way short, loosing lots of length.
  • Dreads that look more like wads of hair or funky palm trees than dreads.
  • Having to comb the dread out and start again.
  • So remember.... Lots of fast strokes, each pushing forward just a couple hairs, which slowly add up to make a nice smooth dread. As you begin to get a feel for backcombing with the Peppa you’ll wonder how anyone got along without it.

    DreadHead Lock Peppa Ingredients


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    Customer Reviews

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    Montana Lorraine
    Better than expected

    Really impressed with how much tightening it gave and how quickly!


    I'm digging it. All my stray hairs that usually would've popped up by now, are still loc'ed in the braid. So glad that my locs look much better; I used it in mature locs.


    i love it been using it for yrs and it really help maintain my locs


    It's was not what I ordered


    It really do help the locks to stay out