DreadHead Dread Butta


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Ever seen dreads sit up and beg? DreadHead Dread Butta makes dreads feel smooth and soft to the touch. As your dreads mature they look better all the time. You may notice that as they tighten they feel a bit coarse on the surface. This can be a turn off, shouldn’t dreads feel as good as they look? We hear ya...and our response is Dread Butta!

Dread Butta is an amazing natural moisturizer that effortlessly turns scratchy to silky, providing your dreads with all the yummy nutrients they need to keep them strong-like-bull. You’ll find that dread butta is soft and smooth so it goes on easy and it has enough hold to keep reduce fuzziness and give dreads that well groomed look. Clean Dreads have a rep of being "sex hair". Dread Butta certainly doesn't decrease this association. When you try some you'll be thankful that dreads can withstand pulling. :)

New DreadHeads will love the way newly waxed dreads feel smoother, softer and happier after a quick buttering. Everybody loves how dread wax helps locks come together faster and tighter but nobody wants to be a tacky wax-head. Butta is the answer. It slices through tackiness like knife though...um...pudding..ha! and it leaves your dreads feeling amazing. It’s yet one more product we are thrilled to provide for your thriving dreadlocks.

"Betta with Butta"


Tips for betta butta use:

  • Always apply Dread Butta to dry dreads( rather than damp or wet ) for best results.
  • Work Dread Butta in as you go. I highly recommend using a hair dryer to melt it in after you've applied it. It should be totally invisible once it's worked in.


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