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Dreadlocks are a long term commitment, you will enjoy them for years to come if you do it right! 
 Our wax is the real deal, designed to provide exactly what your dreads need to lock, and look, their best. It allows the hair to move against itself while helping it stay compressed so it can tighten into phat, smooth locks. It keeps the hair close together so it can lock faster without gluing it in place. This means tight mature locks in about 1/4 the time it used to take. DreadHead wax is GUARANTEED to never dry out, harden, or build up inside the dreads as long as it's used according to the instructions.

Because it’s effective in such small amounts you’ll never need to feel like a wax head. It’s natural composition is not prone to attracting fuzzies and lint like some polymer based products and it does it's job from the inside of the dread so it never comes in contact with fuzz or feathers.

Our wax contains no additives that can irritate your scalp or attract bugs. It’s made with unbleached, unrefined hemp seed oil and cosmetic grade beeswax. It’s protein rich and fortified with Vitamin E. It couldn’t be better for keeping dreads healthy and preventing dry or damaged locks.

Important: Waxing mature dreads or very large dreads can lead to difficult removal. Some soaps and shampoos may also leave residue in the dreads which can impede wax removal. If any of these issues occur, or if you ever have any problems, please contact me (Jonny Clean) so that I can help you resolve them and get things back on track without loosing progress.

Our website provides very specific instructions for waxing your dreads. Please follow these instructions closely. Not only will your locking experience be top notch, but you'll also get the best possible results.
Better Wax, Better Dreads.  


We use only the highest grade all natural beeswax. This ultra pure grade of wax allows us to use a much higher ratio of beeswax to other ingredients while maintaining a workable product. This means better results with far less wax. You’ll be amazed at how long this 4oz jar will last! Many peoples dreads are locked and mature before they ever finish it.


The advantages to using Dread Head dread wax are:

1. Speed
2. Appearance
3. Hygiene

  1.  Dread Head Dread Wax will help your dreads come together faster. Side by side comparisons between properly wax dreads and non-waxed dreads with one inch sections show that a small amount of wax helps locks form faster and look better.
  2. Dreads that are palmrolled regularly with DreadHead DreadWax during the first 2-3 months of maturity develop fewer loops and zig-zags and look smoother over all.
  3. Your dreads will look better with fewer loose hairs. Because wax will help the body of each dread lock quicker and remain compact, the new growth will find it's way into dreads easier and have less tendency to become loose hair that needs attention.
  4. Our wax uses vitamins and proteins to strengthen and feed the hair while allowing you to wash it, keeping it clean and sanitary. Sure, cow poo might work too, but do you really wanna put yourself through that?



    Notes about Beeswax and Dread Wax:

    What do you know about Beeswax? Many petroleum based products appear to be 100% Beeswax at first glance when in fact they contain only a few percent actual beeswax by weight.

    Pure beeswax is an amazing natural ingredient with properties that are very difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere in nature. The many store bought products that call themselves beeswax are over 90% petrolatum. It's obvious that loading your hair with greasy pomades is not going to help it lock up. Anyone that has tried these products with tell you that wax is bad.

    Some have tried melting pure beeswax and putting it their hair. Pure beeswax is hard and brittle. This is a bad idea and never ends well. Those that have tried this can tell you what a mess it is. We have also heard from a fair number of people that have tried similar products but "over waxed" their dreads. Over waxing does not help and having too much wax in your dreads is not fun or beneficial to your dreads.

    Here’s an analogy for ya: Most people would agree that when you brush your teeth using toothpaste is a good idea, but if you used ½ a tube each time you brushed you would probably hate toothpaste. Using that much you’d have it all over your face,it would be dripping down your arm, you’d be swallowing it...gross. After that it’s very likely you would decide that toothpaste is not for you. But there’s nothing wrong with toothpaste...you just used too much.

    Please follow the waxing instructions closely. Not only will your locking experience be top notch, but you'll also get the best possible results.

    Waxing Tip: During the first month of dreading, and during the B week of the A B maintenance routine, you'll add wax to dreads that don't have detectable wax in them. Always avoid waxing dreads that already have wax in or on them. It's very likely that some dreads will need it while others do not. (Don't add more wax just because it smells good!) For more detailed information on how much wax to use and when please see the Initial Waxing and Maintenance Waxing pages.

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    Joshua Hubbard
    Great wax

    Love your product and have used them for 10 years!


    Thanks came so fast


    Great product!


    Great product, Arrived quickly.


    i use this product as my mustache / beard wax; i would never put it on/in my freeformed-natural blisslocks, myself!