How do know when your dreads need wax? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

The short answer is that if you can palm roll a dread vigorously, and not feel waxiness on the dread or on your hands afterward, then it's safe to add more wax without fear of over waxing.

During the first month of having your dreads it's advisable to have some wax in them at all times. Every day that you have wax in them you should try to palm roll each dread for a short time. 30 seconds is ideal.

Keep in mind that all times are not good times to wax. Here are some things to consider:

Are you planning on taking a shower soon? If so you'll want to wait until after your shower and after your dreads have dried completely before waxing.

Do you need to make new knots at your roots? If so do your knot making right after your shower and a good spray with Locking Accelerator. As soon as the hair dries it will be ready for knots. After all the knots are made you can use some wax and palm rolling to compress the new knots and help them get started locking.

After the first month you should switch to the A-B maintenance routine. You'll only be adding Dread Wax on the B week during this routine. On the A week you'll use the Locking Accelerator and Lock Peppa to create knots. 

Once your dreads mature they no longer need wax. Dread Butta should be used instead of Dread Wax as a moisturizer when the dreads have matured. Butta does a great job of providing nutrients to the hair and preventing dryness.