Why are sections in some peoples dreadlocks more visible than others? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Sections are most visible when dreads are new. As the dreads mature and grow the sections start to disappear more an more. There are a few things that effect how visible the sections are.

Rubber bands are usually worn for the 1st month, they help new growth lock and they prevent locks from growing together. You will notice however, that rubber bands at the roots make sections more visible. If you have short dreads that stick up you'll kinda look like that guy from Hell Raiser...

sectioning dreadlocks

...but only until you take off the bands at the roots and wash the dreads. When you do, the boxy look that the bands created disappears. At this point most people are no longer worried about their sections. Sure, they're always there if you go looking for them** but they do not attract attention. There are a few exceptions though.

Some people have very large dreads, and as a result they don't have very many. This makes sections more noticeable. Some people don't keep the roots clean or clockwise rub to encourage new growth to know, so the roots get longer and this can make the sections more visible. 

If you're starting dreads in very short hair the sections will be more visible until the dreads gain some length.


Tips for less visible sections:

  • You can make sections less visible by having around 50 dreads or more. This will give you a fuller look and hide the sections.

  • Having a row of dreads down the center hides the center section line very well!

  • Washing the dreads with Dread Soap keeps the roots clean and free from residue. This helps because clean roots will knot faster and easier when you clockwise rub them. Doing this regularly will allow the dreads to lock closer to the scalp. For example if you're washing with Dread Soap and clockwise rubbing to tighten new growth,  you may have as little as 1/4" of straight hair vs 1" or more, and the section lines will be less visible. 

A lot of people worry about their sections being visible before they get dreads. Some even refuse to section their hair and just grab random groups as they backcomb. The option is certainly yours but I'm not going to recommend it. In my experience well thought out sections are an important part of making killer dreads.
Some people make what are called "brick pattern sections". These are just like regular sections (that form a straight grid) except that every other row is moved over exactly 1/2 the section width. The pattern will remind you of the way bricks look in a wall. Row A will be right over row C but row B, the one in-between, will be moved over half a brick (or section). Is this a good idea? The difference is small but I think it makes sections even less visible than they would be otherwise. Would the sections be a problem if you made them straight? No, not usually, but the brick pattern is easy to do so if you want to try it out go for it!

Section lines are always there...and that's a good thing. Loose hair at the roots often happens right on the section line. With clean sections you can figure out which dread the loose hair needs to be put into. This is very helpful. Over time, if your dreads grow together a bit and you put some loose hair in the wrong dread the section lines will start to get blurred. This isn't a big deal, you can always pull (rip) misplaced hair from the wrong dread, re-dreadball it and stick it in the right dread...it's just a bit tedious. Of course, if you have a pet monkey and you manage to train him to do this for you, please take a video and DM me a link:www.twitter.com/JonnyClean