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Yeah, loose hairs are a pain in the arse   and they make otherwise sweet lookin' dreads look neglected. Dread Balling makes quick work of loose hairs, especially when you have a bit of Lock Peppa on your fingers, but getting those dread balls deep into the dread where they will stay and lock can be tough with your fingers alone. So the world rejoiced when we introduced the original loose hair tool a few years ago. It's tacky neon green and ping body won the hearts of Dread Heads world wide. 

For the first time it was possible for the average Dread Head to quickly pull dread balls and straight hair right into the center of their dreads where it would lock seamlessly and never again be seen. The extra small hook allowed us to pull hair through the dreads without damaging them or leaving holes. Unlike regular hooks, which always grab hair whether you want to or not, the loose hair tool sports a tiny latch which closes as you put the tool back through so it never snags on the rest of the dread. Brilliant! But it gets better... 

Despite its greatness our dreads weren't satisfied with the original tool, they wanted even more. So as usual, we complied. We labored and toiled and had a completely new, custom tool created. Truth be told I did have a blast designing it in 3D :) and in the end the dreads were pleased with our work and the sun shone even brighter. Click on the images below to see the tool in detail.




The new tool has all the benefits of the original tool plus:
  1. There is a rounded point at the top of the tool which makes it much easier to slide it though the inside of a dread without popping out accidentally. It's also easier to penetrate tighter dreads. This one change alone makes a huge difference!
  2. The length between the hook and the handle has been increased so you can now pull long loose hair far into the dread without running out of tool!
  3. The handle looks a whole lot cooler and is now threaded. This means you can store you lock peppa in the handle without worrying about accidentally tossing your peppa into the hair when the handle pops open!
The dread tool is every bit as useful for maintaining mature dreads as it is for working with new dreads. It’s a huge time saver...which means less maintenance effort and better looking dreads all the time. While the Loose Hair Tool will work in   most  dreads all the time and in all dreads   some  of the time there are   sometimes  in   some  dreads that it will not work. It won't work in either of the following scenarios. 1) The dreads are so loose that they won't hold hair that is pulled into them. This usually only occurs in brand new dreads when there was a backcombing problem. In dreads where the backcombing is done properly you'll be able to use the loose hair to immediately after backcombing (or even during backcombing to pull in long hair on the surface of the dread). 2) Larger dreads can get unimaginably tight as they mature, especially at the tip. It is possible for them to get too tight for a tool to penetrate. If this is the case you probably will have no use for the tool anyway, dreads that tight rarely have any loose hair at the tip. If they do it can normally be removed either by rubbing or careful trimming without any danger to the dread. If it's that tight...it's not going anywhere, so the potential for it to unravel is very very very small.  

Dread tools can be helpful in all three parts of the dread:  
1)At the roots you’re always going to have a few loose hairs as some of the new growth near the edge of the sections will "miss" the dread and just hang out. Just grab’em up, separate the hair according to which dread it should go into, and roll each group into a nice dread ball. Then with dread tool in hand push the tool through the dread so it exits where you’d like the dread ball to enter, hook the ball and close the latch locking it into the tool. Then just pull the tool back through the dread. When it's almost reached the point where the tool entered the dread you can push it forward and out of the side of the dread. The tool will open as you do this leaving the dread ball in the center of the dread. Then while the empty hook is outside the dread, close the latch and pull it out of the dread. Perfect! Is that not the most BADAZZ thing you've ever seen!

2)In the body of the dread, loose hair can be pulled in, keeping the dreads looking smooth and tight. The tool can be pushed into the dread lengthwise through an inch or two of dread. The hook should end up surfacing beside the loose hair. Then simply pass the loose hair through the hook, close the latch, and pull the loose strands deep inside the dread. 

3)Tips often form oddly with wispy straight strands sticking out here and there. Using the same technique as above you can pull loose hair up into the tip making it full and smooth! Pulling in tips at about 1 month allows them to lock smoothly inside the dread.

Here’s some hot tips: 

Use a mirror so you can double check which hair goes in which dread. This seems obvious but it’s easy to pull in a bunch of hair and then realize it’s from the wrong section. 

If you have a friend or stylist helping you, have them locate and separate the loose hair into groups that you can dread ball. While they are pulling the dread balls into place you can be dread balling the next loose hair. This will allow you to blow through maintenance really fast. 

If there is unusually large amount of loose hair in one area that you will be pulling through, you can split it up into small groups and pull them each through separately, changing the path the hair takes with each group. They can also be dread balled separately and pulled through. Normally the only separating you'll need to do is to separate the hair by the dreads it goes to. Then each group will get dread balled together and pulled into it's appropriate dread.

AWESOME SAUCE: You can twist the handle apart to reveal a stash compartment that you can fill with Lock Peppa. This is supa useful since Lock Peppa and the maintenance tool go hand in hand... You might even leave a few rubber bands wrapped around the handle of the tool creating the ultimate "Swiss-Army-Dread-Tool" for quick and effective dread maintenance at home or in the field! Woot!

Our customers are all about some "Loose Hair Tool". Ben was among the first to try the new Loose Hair Tool...here's a glowing testimonial he sent in:

"Well, the nice folks at DreadHead have really outdone themselves with the new dread tool. The new, improved tool for dread maintenance is slim, sleek, and allows one to do twice the work in half the time! A vast improvement on the already popular dread tool, the new design has a pointed, sharp end that allows you to easily penetrate any dread no matter the size or maturity.  New growth? The new dread tool allows you to easily latch the hair and smoothly pull it into the root for that clean and well groomed look. Loose tips? No problem! In a matter of seconds, that paintbrush tip will become a firm, rounded tip! Even loose hair in the body of the dread can be easily maintained. After my first maintenance session with the new tool, I was truly amazed. Not only is it easy to use but after a wash the tips held strong and the loose hair was still tightly tucked into the dreads! Exactly where it needs to be! Also, the handle screws off so you can stash some Lock Peppa inside! How cool is that?  
Thanks again for a great product! "

Dready Ben / GA



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Good product


Works better than expected


I’m happy!


This thing is fantastic, game changer for maintaining your own locs.


Product is well made . I wish it was smaller. My locks are to small for this tool