Dreadlocks Rubberbands

Rubberbands are supa helpful for getting your roots and tips to lock up. DreadHead studies have shown that keeping a snug (never tight) rubberband at the root of your dread for the first two months, prevents a lot of loose hair by helping new growth knot and lock up easier. Bands at the tips prevent the dread from unraveling before the dread has a chance to lock down. Sounds like a good deal to me. =]

It should be noted that there are some groups that insist that rubber bands prevent your dreadlocks from locking, break hair in your dreads, and are just "evil" in general. Well, if you want, you can buy into that...or you can read on and I'll explain how to use bands the "right" way so you can enjoy the benefits and not have any down sides.

The following three articles in the FAQ have everything you need to know to use bands successfully. They answer the questions below and more.

  • How should rubber bands be used at the roots of new dreads?
  • How should rubberbands be used at the tips of new dreadlocks?
  • When should rubberbands be removed from the tips and roots of my dreadlocks?
  • What types rubberbands and elastics are available and how do they differ?
  • Can rubber bands harm dreadlocks, break hair or prevent dreading?

Here are the articles you'll want to check out:

Rubber bands for Dreadlocks Tips: Covers how to use rubberbands at the tips and when to take them off.

Rubberbands for Dreadlocks Roots: Covers how to use bands at the roots and when to take them off.

Different Types of Rubber Bands and Hair Damage: Explains the difference between "rubber" rubber bands and elastics and addresses some of the rubber band rumors.