I put my dreads in just before finding your site. My dread kit is on the way but how should I take care of them until it gets here? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Of course it's better to have your kit before you backcomb and start them since you'll have your dread comb and you'll be able to prep the hair by washing it in the Dread Soap and then spraying it down with Locking Accelerator. But what if you backcombed and then found our site? How do you keep your dreads together while you wait for your kit to arrive?

First off, you want to check your backcombing to make sure that it's good to go. If you backcombed before checking out our instructions there's a good chance your new dreads will need to be backcombed again before you'll have good knots that are dready to lock. If there are gaps or holes in your dreads with straight hair and they are pretty loose in general you'll do better to comb them out and leave the straight hair sectioned with rubberbands. Once your kit arrives you can prep the hair and backcomb. You'll be able to make knots a lot faster and tighter and you'll save a lot of time in the long run since you won't spend weeks trying to get them back on track.

If you're knots are tight then you just need to preserve them until your stuff gets there. Get some hair rubber bands and put them on the roots and tips. Avoid the temptation to put other products in your hair - you'll end up setting back your progress. If you need to wash them before your Dread Soap arrives use baby shampoo. It's not fully residue free but it has WAY less residue than Castile soaps like bronners or other traditional soap formulas that you'll find locally. Be gentle with them  as you wash and rinse them very well. You'll have plenty of loose hair after washing. Don't stress, as long as you can retain the knots within you'll be able to pull loose hair in with a Lock Sculpta or a Loose Hair Tool when your stuff arrives.