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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last two years you’ve probably heard that a crochet hook can be used to maintain dreadlocks. You’ve probably also heard that experiences vary greatly, some people swear by crochet hook methods while others have literally destroyed their dreads.

Since I learned about crochet hooks two years ago I’ve been working with a variety of techniques and experimenting with tons of different hooks. In short, I learned that the hook you use and the technique you use will have a huge impact on the outcome you get. These two factors are literally the difference between great maintenance success and regrettable dread tragedies.

Of course I was tempted to recommend crochet hook maintenance earlier, it was like a new dread power just waiting to be unleashed.... it was hard to hold back, but I’m glad I waited. After almost two years I can give you tested and proven techniques along with the safest, most effective dreadlocks hook available. A hook I developed solely for the purpose of dreadlocks work. Not only are the results better, they are also guaranteed to be “Dread Safe”.  

That’s right, the Lock Sculpta is the only crochet hook custom designed for dreadlocks. It’s not a crafting hook designed for working with thread. Every aspect, from the shape of the hook head, to the size and taper of the surgical stainless shaft, to the ergonomic, sustainable bamboo handle has been carefully crafted to maximize control and allow for unparalleled maintenance precision. The result is a tool that offers both effectiveness and safety. After reviewing the instructional videos below and mastering a few simple techniques you’ll be able to take your dreads to the next level. You’ll find the instant, as-you-work, results immensely gratifying! Watch your dreads become smoother and tighter- inch by inch. And because the loose hair on the surface of your dreads ads no strength to them - you’ll actually be making your dreads stronger  with every hair you pull in.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Lock Sculpta schools other crafting hooks.

The hook head: The hook head is molded, not folded, to create a round edge that doesn’t cut or stress hair as it’s pulled against the hook. The size of the hook and the shape are both crucial since a smaller hook with a more aggressive shape will actually pull more hair per stroke.  The Lock Sculpta has been carefully designed to pull only a few individual strands of hair through the dread at once. This means that the hook quickly becomes “full” of loose hair and once it does, no additional hair can be pulled.This eliminates stress on surrounding hair that gets accidentally with regular crochet hooks.

The Stainless Shaft: The taper of the shaft, coupled with the angle of the hook, places the hook head in a neutral position when the tool is pulled out at a slight angle. This allows you precise control over when hair is pulled just by changing the angle of the hook. See the technique videos for complete info. The length of the shaft allows you to pull hair through the center of the dread when necessary but it’s short enough that you’ll be able to perform other techniques quickly and comfortably.

The bamboo handle: The handle provides a professional feel that allows for greater precision- it’s not just something to hold it by. There’s several things you’ll notice right off about the handle. First, it’s made form eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo. As soon as you pick it up you’ll notice the texture gives it a naturally great feel and grip, even with oily fingers. The carved thumb rests are positioned to be suitable for different size hands and alternate grips. Because they are on only one side of the tool they also make keeping track of the direction of the hook completely intuitive. Anyone that has experimented with crafting hooks will appreciate this detail every time they use the tool. As you begin to work with the Lock Sculpta you’ll notice the handle less and less. It’s comfortable to hold and the shape, size and natural material make it feel like more like an extension of your fingers than a dreadlocks tool. Once you pick up this tool and see what a great job it does you won’t want to put it down...but if you do you’ll immediately appreciate that it stays where you put it due to it’s flat and comfortable, no-roll-off-the-table shape - unless of course you live with another DreadHead like I do - in that case it will never stay where you put it!  =]

The Lock Sculpta Guarantees

Guaranteed Safe

After extensive testing with this tool and the techniques we teach, we can fully guarantee this tool to be dread safe when used as directed. Therefore, if you feel that correct usage of this tool has harmed your dreads in any way we will happily issue you a full refund upon returning it to us.

Guaranteed Superior

We understand that since common crafting hooks are available at a fraction of the price that some may be hesitant to order a Lock Sculpta. We are so confident that the Lock Sculpta will become your favorite dreadlocks hook that we will issue you a full refund if you’ll give up your Lock Sculpta after working with it for 90 days.


Why does the Lock-Sculpta run circles around every crafting hook? Watch tha vid and see!


Taking care of loose hair n fuzziness on the surface of your dreads with a Lock-Sculpta:


The Lock-Sculpta: Guaranteed Safer for your dreads and more Effective!

1 Sculpta Tool per pack

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The hook keeps breaking off


One of the crochet hooks came broken


Well made tool, haven’t tried it out yet though.