How long will I need to use the wax? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Good question!

Wax is basically a tool for helping dreads compress and tighten. Once they reach maturity you are pretty much done with wax. How long this takes depends on about 52 things so there's now way to say exactly. You can be certain however that consistent maintenance, regular palm rolling and washing with residue free shampoo will shorten your journey to dread maturity. Some peoples dreads will be solid and mature at the end of their third month, other times it takes longer. If the conditions are favorable and the maintenance is flawless it's possible to lock dreads in less than 30 days. On the other end of the spectrum it's unusual to still need wax after the third or fourth month. If your dreads are not locked by then you should give me a call and we can make some adjustments to your maintenance routine.

You'll know your dreads are mature when they stop shrinking and stop getting wider. They will feel like they have a solid "core" of tightly packed hair. They will be difficult to compress with your fingers, much like a piece of cotton rope. This will be more dramatic in thicker dreads. They will still have some loose hair on the surface of the dread. This hair will become smoother with time but it happens long after the core of the dread is locked.

After the dreads have locked it's important  to provide the hair with nutrients and prevent them from drying out and getting damaged. Dread Wax has been used in this capacity in the past but it's no longer recommended. Not only is Dread Wax is overkill for the task of moisturizing, but it's harder to work with and easier to over apply than alternatives like Dread Butta. Dread Butta is fast and easy to work with and it provides vitamins and nutrients to your dreads while locking in moisture and preventing dryness. The scent is nothing short of addictive and it makes your dreads feel amazing so I highly recommend switching from the Dread Wax to the Dread Butta as soon as the dreads mature.