Dread Butta Instructions and Tips - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Best practices for rockin' tha Dread Butta


There are a bunch of ways that Dread Butta can be used to enhance your dreading experience. The application technique is for Dread Butta is wicked easy. First let's talk about the when and why and then we'll check out the how. Dread Butta is used depending on where your dreads are in their development.

Butta for New Dreads


Dread Butta is primarily a moisturizer. Since our Dread Wax already acts as a moisturizer the Butta isn't really needed yet -for this purpose. You generally begin using the Butta as a moisturizer when the dreads are locked and you stop using the Dread Wax. Even before then there is another way the the Butta can really help out. If you've ever waxed your dreads your probably familiar with how they feel for about a day after waxing. It takes a little time for the wax to work it's way into the dread and for extra wax to get removed by palm rolling. Using a hair dryer to melt the wax in goes a long way to reduce the "freshly waxed tackiness" but even so, when you run your fingers though your dreads they will still feel different for a little while. This is one of the areas where the Dread Butta really shines. Applying just a tiny amount to the surface of your dreadlocks will make them feel smooth and fresh - even if you've just waxed. After trying this out you'll want to do it every time you apply wax, it really makes a big difference! The best time to add it is right after you blow dry the dreads and palm roll. For info on how to apply the Butta scroll down to the "Butta-ring your Dreads" section below!

Butta for Mature Dreads


After your dreads lock up you'll no longer need Dread Wax to help them compress and tighten. At this point you'll stop using it completely. Some people continue to use a small amount as a moisturizer to prevent the dreads from drying out and getting damaged. This is does work , however, once you try moisturizing with Dread Butta you won't go back - I can promise you that! The Butta is easier and faster to apply - it's smells every bit as good - feels great in the dreads - and does a bang-up job of keeping them super healthy year after year! You can apply the Butta anytime the dreads feel dry. After a shower is usually an ideal time - you can apply it as soon as they are dry or if you have some loose hair to take care of do that and other knot-making, A-Week type activities first, then apply the Butta.  Dry scratchy hair on the surface is a sign that you could use a lil butta. Since having proper moisture protects the hair and makes it better able to deal with damage, regular butta-ring will eliminate breakage and allow you to grow long healthy dreads.

How to Butta


Using Dread Butta is quick and easy. First take a small amount, between 1 and 2 grams. (For info on estimating grams without a scale see the photo with the quarter on the dread waxing page) Instead of applying this directly to your dreads, spread it between your hands like you would with a lotion, but keep it all on the front of your hands =] Now pull your fingers through your dreads, as if you were combing your dreads with your fingers. The Butta will be absorbed by the surface of your dreads. You don't need much. You're just applying it to the surface where it will help the hair hold on to it's internal moisture.  Shorter dreads will need less than longer dreads. Remember, you're not trying to work it deep into the dread, it's just the surface of the dread you are focusing on. You'll notice that your fingers will begin to slide more easily though your dreads and they'll feel really soft and smooth. That's the perfect amount. It's much better for your dreads to apply small amounts often than large amounts once in a great while!

Tips for Better Butta-ring


  • If you feel you've added a bit too much Butta you can heat it with a hair dryer to warm it and any excess can be removed with a paper towel.

  • It really helps it spread it in and it smells so good you'll probably go into shock. =]

  • Always Butta dry dreads - never wet dreads. Butta after you wax rather than before.

  • "B"utta is a B-Week product - lol - imagine that. This means it won't make knotting easier so use it after you make knots rather than before.

  • Do not eat the Butta. I know it's all natural and very tempting but despite how good it smells it is not food. Seriously. ; )