Are there substitutes for the dread wax? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

There are other dread waxes out there and there are other things that some people try to use instead of dread wax so don't let any one tell you that you absolutely have to use DreadHead Dread wax... not even me =] That said, I can guarantee a great dreading experience if you decide to use our Dread Wax. Sloan and I work hard to make sure every jar is as good as it can be and that's how we can guarantee it will dread your hair. You can definitely try using other stuff but there is no "substitute". Our wax has the holding power of a small army, but it will always allow your hair to move so that it can compress and tighten. It will never EVER dry out and get hard or nasty or change in such a way that it can not be removed with a hair dryer.  It's based on a completely non-greasy formula so it doesn't feel slimy. And it stays put and does it's job even through a shower - so you don't end up loosing your dreading progress when you wash your dreads.

Btw, Lots of other products say they will work for dreads or "Locs" but 90% of them contain petrolatum and do a better job of removing dreads than starting them. Be sure to avoid those. There's other dreadlocks products (and things that are used as dreadlocks products) that are nearly impossible to remove. This is a hassle you don't need.  If you can...go all out....get the good stuff, you'll be glad you did. I guarantee your success and satisfaction. It's not super cheap, but quality never is, and you'll look back and realize that it was a small price to pay to ensure the success of your dreadlocks. =]