Why use the methods on this site instead of just not combing my hair? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

I’m told if I just stop combing my hair I’ll get dreads. Why use the methods on this site?

If you think you’ll be happy with the results you’ll get from neglecting your hair you can certainly give it a try. Many people do exactly that for several months before starting their dreads with one of our kits. Often it’s possible to comb out the partially formed neglect knots with Dread Zasta and you don’t have to cut the hair and wait for it to re-grow.

Our methods are a game changer for people who want control over how their dreads will look and who need their dreads to look good sooner rather than later. Even in cases when you'd like to make messy looking dreads the Many bosses, headmasters and parents aren’t willing to wait 16-24 months or more while your dreads to lockup. With a little preparation they can handle 3 months. You’ll spend a lot less time making excuses for your dreads and a lot more time enjoying them.

Hair texture (how curly it is or isn’t) plays a big part in what your hair does when you neglect it. In general, the more texture you have, the more knotting your hair can do on it’s own. If neglect is the only tool in your bag you’re in for a long wait if you have have straight hair, wavy hair or loose curls. Those with coarse hair strands you’ll have an even harder time and the results will always look like a “work in progress”. If that’s not what you’re going for you’ll  probably find our methods to be a better fit for getting the dreads you want. They work in all hair types so it really doesn’t matter what you’re starting with - you’re going to end up with dreads, and we guarantee it. =]