Why use Dread Head dread wax? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Whether or not you use Dread Wax to start your dreads is a personal choice. Remember, not everyone starting dreads is doing it for the same reasons. I've been called shallow because I care how my dreads look and I work to make them look as good as they can. Many people hate doing any type of maintenance to their hair and they're often attracted to dreadlocks. Should we really be surprised then that not everyone agrees how dreads should be maintained.

The benefits of using Dread Wax are clear, you get tighter dreads in less time and your dreads will lock smoother so you'll have less bumps, loops and zig-zags in your finished dreads.

Rumors aside Dread Wax is simply a tool that makes it easier for the knots to dread. It's extremely effective when used properly, even using it once will greatly speed the process, and you can stop using it whenever you like, usually when the dreads feel tight to your liking.  Removal is easy, DHHQ Dread Wax can be removed any time you like with a hot rinse.

Anyone who's tried both dreading without Dread Wax and also had a chance to use wax correctly, can tell you first hand how much easier it is with Dread Wax. The small amount of time you'll spend actually applying the wax will save you months of waiting for mature dreads later on, and your dreads will look more like dreads as they mature.

Those that had to wait for their dreads to mature without the use of wax will always feel the need to tell your that their dreads are better in some way because they didn't use wax. They have to justify the extra time they spent with fuzzy loose dreads. Since they can't find any real reason that un-waxed dreads are better they will regurgitate tired anti-wax rumors, all of which have long ago been brought to light and dispelled.  Every single ant-wax assertion is based on sketchy anecdotal evidence and hearsay and each of them can be disproved with a simple science experiment. If you have any questions about a specific anti-wax claim don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to give you all the facts so that you can make your own educated decision.

In the end I can guarantee your results if you choose to use our products - we've had our guarantee in place since 1999 - our products work and our customers are thrilled with their dreads.