When can I begin using the Organic Dread Shampoo? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

The Organic Dread Shampoo is an ideal day-to-day dreadlocks shampoo. When you first start your dreads your usually trying to get them to lock as fast as possible. During this time I would recommend using the original Dread Soap formula as it actually helps the dreads tighten faster. At some point the will be finished locking - they will be as tight as you'd like them to be. This is may be between three and six months depending on your section size, hair type and maintenance. This is the ideal time to stop adding dread wax and begin using the Organic Dread Shampoo. You'll also need to begin moisturizing the dreads at this point because you'll no longer have the powerful moisturizing benefits of the dread wax.

What would happen if you used the organic shampoo sooner? Would the dreads fall out?

No, definitely not. The Organic Dread Shampoo is totally safe for your knots, it's not going to set them back, but it's also not going to speed up locking as the regular Dread Soap does. So, the only difference is that it would take a bit longer for the dreads to finish locking, probably not a big deal. If you're dying to try the organic shampoo sooner rather than later, you can alternate it with the original Dread Soap. I usually soap up my dreads twice. First with the regular Dread Soap, then with the organic. The two work amazing together.