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Introducing our Earthlocks Organics product line is Earthlocks Organics Dreadlocks Shampoo!

It's like a celebration of natural, organic freshness on your head! Treat your dreadies to a fantastic every day dread shampoo that aims to bridge the gap between residue free and organic goodness. With an easy washing routine you can now enjoy clean, build up free dreads and a happy scalp, without giving up an amazing washing experience. Powerfully infused with the bright revitalizing fragrance of freshly cut, organic eucalyptus you'll find yourself looking forward to every shower.

Residue Free VS Ultra Low Residue:
The problems that residues can create when allowed to build up in dreads are well known. They make dreading take longer and they can potentially build up and slow drying which can lead to dread rot. A completely residue free shampoo prevents these issues but there is a trade off. Residue free means that NOTHING is left behind when the shampoo is rinsed away. There are very few shampoo ingredients that can achieve this and they require synthetic components. This means that a Completely Residue Free Organic Dread Shampoo is not possible with the ingredients we have available today.

Even if a 100% residue free, 100% organic shampoo were possible it could not contain any essential oils or fragrances. In other words, if you're after 100% residue free there is only one dread soap that offers it, the Original DreadHead Dread Soap. No, additives, oils, or fragrances....just clean. But what about those who's dreads are locked, who no longer need the MOST effective, MOST residue free soap available? When we set out to offer the most organic dread shampoo possible or our Earthlocks Organics line we knew that even though the focus was going to be on the all natural, organic ingredients, we had to make sure that build up would never occur.

Nearly all available natural and organic soaps are Castile soaps, but we it's well known that Castile soaps, by the nature of the way they work, must leave significant residue as part of their cleaning process. Essentially they are formed by reacting Oils and a strong base to create saponified oils. When they clean some of the oil is left behind. This is actually why they have a reputation for leaving skin soft. The residue they leave behind acts as a moisturizer. Good for skin, not for dreads. We tested other natural soap ingredients that left far less residue than Castile soaps but they still left too much residue to safely be used for dreadlocks. After testing tens of dozens of organic shampoo ingredients and formulas, we came to realize that a very small amount of residue (estimated .9%) would have to be left if we were to achieve an organic dread shampoo. (In other words, if you see another natural/organic shampoo that contains saponified oils and claims to be 100% residue free you are looking at a false claim.)

While a 99.1% residue free shampoo leaves nearly nothing behind and is far better than other low residue or clarifying shampoos, we were still very discouraged that a tee-niny bit of residue would remain. This was not a sacrifice that we were prepared to make! How could we have residue free and organic? The answer is simple. We had to be SURE that the tiny amount of residue left by our organic dread shampoo can be fully removed. After testing the the dry weight of dreads washed with our organic dread soap over the course of a year we were able to determine that by washing just once a month with the original dread soap, you can ensure that no reside builds up in the dreads. In other words, by using the Earthlocks organics dread shampoo for regular washings, and by giving your dreads a deep clean with the Original dread soap once per month, you can enjoy the amazing smell and scalp tingling, organic goodness and be certain that your dreads are getting completely clean. This is truly win win!

Recommendations for best results:
Because the hair in dreads needs to be able to knot readily while dreads are being started, and because the cleanest hair with the most friction knots easiest, it's best to wait and begin using Earthlocks Organics Dread Shampoo after the dreads have locked. It is possible to begin using it when the dreads are first started but waiting 3-4 months will ensure you have the fastest locking possible.

Since shampoo is very hard to move from one area of the head to another when you have dreads, you'll want to apply the shampoo to multiple areas of your head, usually Top/Front, Back, and Sides. Scrub the scalp well creating lather, stimulating the scalp and helping it exfoliate all at once. Rinse the scalp and dreads thoroughly, this takes a few moments longer with dreads so be sure to rinse it fully. =] Always dry dreads completely after washing. A great article on getting your dreads dry can be found in our FAQ section.

Purified Water, Organic Potassium Cocoate (Derived from 100% Organic Coconuts), Organic Potassium Oleate (Derived from 100% Organic Sunflower Oil), Laruyl Betain (Coconut derived surfactant), Organic Eucalyptus Oil (100% Organic), Organic Glycerin (100% Organic), Benzyl Alcohol (preservative for natural ingredients), Potassium Palm Kerneleate (derived from palm kernels), Palm Kernel Acid (derived from palm kernel oil), Decyl Glucoside (mild glucose-based surfactant), Potassium Citrate (potassium salt of citric acid-food supplement)


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