What's the best way to sleep on new dreads? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Whats the best way to sleep with dreads so they don't look like crazytown in the morning?

While they are new that's just how new dreads roll. It's not forever though, as they mature sleeping will effect them less. For now palm roll in the morning, it will help them lock and make them round again. Be sure to remove any lint or feathers they picked up during the night or they will become a permanent addition. New dreads love to pick up stuff on all of their short loose hairs on the surface. Covering them with a sleep cap while you sleep will keep lint and feathers out of them.

You can also run your fingers though your dreads like a big comb in the morning. This actually makes them look a lot better and helps you find loose hair that you can dread ball and pull in with a Loose Hair Tool

As your dreads get really long you'll probably find that you like sleeping with them up in a bun or at least pulled back out of the way. Unlike regular hair, dreads don't slip out from under you very easily, it's more like laying on ropes =]