My dreads are loose, what should I do?- Dreadlocks FAQ's

Relax! We've got you covered! To understand why you're doing these techniques and how all this stuff works you'll want to understand the "A-B Maintenance Routine" stuff here. Once you are confident with all that helping your dreads tighten will be pretty easy. This page is packed with dread tightening goodness, it will help you tighten each of the main dread areas.

BTW, if the looseness in your dreads is at the tips (the opposite the roots) then it's technically "loose hair". You'll basically keep it held with a rubber band until the body of the dread matures a bit, then you'll pull it into the dread with a Loose Hair Tool and make an amazing, blunt, rounded tip that will stay put and look great. At the bottom of the loose hair page you'll find more info about when and how to deal with loose hair at the tips of your dreadlocks!