I thought dread soap had to be completely residue free, is the organic dread soap really ok for dreadlocks? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

In short, yes, but only because of they way it's used and because it's so freakin' close to being residue free already. Let's take a closer look...

There are two main reasons that residue free shampoos are used for dreadlocks. First, it helps them knot and lock faster. This is very important when the dreads are getting started because you want the knots to lock and tighten before they have a chance to work themselves out. Second, As dreadlocks tighten more and more their ability to hold moisture increases. Sitting wet for too long leads to mildew - which I've affectionately nicknamed "Dread Rot". When residues are allowed to build up inside dreads they dramatically increase drying times and increase the likelihood of dread rot.

So how are these concerns addressed? The Organic Dread Shampoo is generally used after the dreads have locked. This prevents any potential slowdown of the locking process, eliminating the first concern. That's one down. The second concern, residue build up, can be eliminated completely by giving the dreads a monthly deep clean with the regular Dread Soap. What if you opted not to wash them monthly with the regular Dread Soap?