How is the Lock Peppa used? What does it do? When do I use it? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Hold on now..that's three questions! =]

Lock Peppa is unlike any other dread product - in fact it's helpful to think of it as a dread tool instead of a product. Most products are applied to all your dreads at once. The Peppa is just used on one dread at a time, in one tiny area - just on the spot that you are working on right now. It's doesn't doesn't stick around for an after party and you don't have to re-apply it. It's just used while you are working on your dreads and then it dusts off.

In short the job of the Lock Peppa is to make your hair want to knot when you're doing maintenance. You'll find it useful any time you have loose hair that you want to dread ball or loose un-knotted hair that you need to create knots in. Since knot making is always done on the "A" Week, or while you have an "A" Week environment, you almost always be using Lock Peppa then, rather than on the "B" Week.  The Peppa is as much for your finger tips as it is for your hair. What I mean is that having oily fingers makes creating knots almost impossible. The Peppa increases friction between your fingers and the hair so you can grab the loose hair and knot it quickly.

Peppa should not be applied directly to the dreads. It's much more effective to shake some out on a flat surface and press your finger tips in it to pick up a small amount. Just touch the dread or loose hair where you want to make knots and some of the Peppa will be left behind. Only a tiny amount is needed.