How do you use the Locking Accelerator? How often? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

While your dreads are new you should use the Accelerator at least twice a week. You can use it anytime but it is most effective when the hair is at its cleanest. Right after you wash your dreads, before they dry completely is an excellent time to spray them down with Accelerator. After your spray them down let them air dry or use a hair dryer. Use the clockwise rubbing method and palm rolling while the hair has fresh Accelerator on it for optimal knotting. You will notice the dreads getting a bit fuzzy; that's totally natural, the extra fuzziness aids in the locking process. You can either rub and roll them for a while and then reapply the wax to tame the fuzzes or continue working on them for a day or so, reapplying the Accelerator now and then. If you don't have anyone to impress I'd play with them for a day or so before smoothing them down with wax.