Dreadlocks with thinning hair or hair loss - Dreadlocks FAQ's


Hey guys, i have a lil concern :/ well..i really love dreads and want them ..but the thing thats holding me back is hairloss. im 18 n i have realy long thick hair and iv noticed the corners of my hair line missing a bit, but for some reason a bit more is missing on the other corner :\ so i was maybee wondering if u cud tell me weather or not i shud get dreads..i have heard the scalp can get stressed ny the weight but is it realy the heavy to worry bout?????, thanks. matt


It's hard to say for sure whether someones hair will continue to thin or how quickly but I can tell you that dreads are not usually so heavy that they cause issues. Larger dreads always have more hair holding them and average dreads have more than enough strength as well. I would avoid tiny sections and tiny dreads though.

Sticking with 3/4" sections should be very safe. I can also tell you that my hair is slightly receded at the top corners as well  (since around 18 or 19) and it hasn't been an issue with the dreads - in fact I'd say the dreads look quite full even in these areas. I've also noticed that it has not continued to recede which I'm happy about =]

Another question that people often have is whether or not Dreadlocks cause or contribute to thinning hair. In my experience they do not, in fact they may slow or prevent hair loss in cases when the thinning hair is due to shampoo residues as is often the case, especially in women. More on residues and thinner hair here. A healthy scalp is essential to healthy dreads. In addition to keeping your scalp clean you'll also want to ensure that it continues to receive proper stimulation even though you're no longer brushing or combing your hair. More info on what your scalp needs to be happy with dreadlocks here.