Ryan's Dread Story

ryan dreadheadhq testimonialUpon asking Sam and Owen a series of questions about their dreads I learned that, with DreadHead HQ, they could be washed, just like normal hair, and that you could have them look as neat or as wild as you wanted depending on how much you wanted to maintain them. “Here we go”, I thought, “I’m going to have to spend hours every day looking after them if I want them to look tidy”... Not true, they explained. Although they do take some work to keep them neat it’s nowhere near as much as I had thought. I’d want to wax them occasionally and wash them but that was basically it! So I bought a DreadHead HQ dread kit. My dread journey had begun.   Sam and Owen agreed to spend a day with me dreading me up and after 6 hours of back-combing and waxing I had dreads... YAY! I loved them! 5 and a half years later I still love them... only more. There were times during the first 6 months when they looked a little messy and I was less happy with them but everyone has bad hair days. DreadHead HQ was there for me all the way. Their website has a plethora of amazing information that helped me more than you can imagine. The website contains everything you’ll ever need to know about making dreadlocks.

ryan dreadheadhq testimonialAfter a couple of years of having dreadlocks I was getting annoyed by the loose hairs that plague lots of peoples’ dreads. I read about a tool on the DreadHead HQ website that they sell called the Loose Hair Tool. It was exactly what I needed and wanted so I bought one. When it arrived in the mail I was unsure how to use it so I looked on the DreadHead HQ website and... what a surprise... it clearly explained how to use the tool and it turned out to be really easy to use. I spent an hour tidying all the loose hairs on my head and, in an instant, the DHHQ Loose Hair Tool became probbaly my favourite dread thing ever.

ryan dreadheadhq testimonialI say the Loose Hair Tool is PROBABLY my favorite dread thing because their dread shampoo is amazing too and it would be very hard to choose a favourite. I love their dread shampoo because it leaves your hair feeling so amazingly clean and it actually helps tighten your dreads! It has no perfumes or other nasty things so it won’t leave horrible residues in your dreads that other dread shampoos will. Nobody wants residues to build up and cause mould in their dreads... that’s why the DHHQ shampoo is the best because it will leave your dreads wonderfully and completely clean. In the beginning of 2010 I found the DreadHead HQ facebook page and discovered a whole family community that I was lovingly welcomed into. It was full of people sharing useful tips, information and encouragement.

Yet the thing that surprised me the most about their facebook page was that Jonny Clean himself is regularly on there to help people and share tips too. The man has an awesome company to run yet he still makes sure he finds the time to help his customers (and everyone else) with their problems and just talk to them.

I’ve actually never felt more cared for as an individual by a company. They treat me like an actual family member.

I love DreadHead HQ and their products and I know that my dreads wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for DHHQ. In fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have dreads at all if it weren’t for DreadHead and its amazing community.

Ryan Gaston