What is the DreadHead Recycler Discount?

dreadheadhq recycle

As you prolly know Sloan and I are always looking for clever ways to be more green =] We introduced the 64oz soap which greatly reduces the amount of bottle waste and fossil fuels during shipping buy sending one large recycled bottle 1 time rather than many recycled bottles individually. We wanted to take this a step further by asking customers to send the empty 64oz bottles back to be recycled. After we did the math we were disappointed to learn that shipping the bottle back took more resources than creating a recycled bottle. This is because they are made and distributed in quantity, very efficiently. Fortunately there's another way that we can work together to save resources and encourage recycling...

Since there is already a place near you (maybe the curb in front of your house) where you can recycle, it makes more sense to have you recycle your bottle locally. Many of you already recycle and for those that don't we're going to give you even more incentive to start. =]  The DreadHead Recycler Discount is a permanent 5% off, available for everyone that promises to recycle their 64oz bottles.

dreadheadhq dread soap recycle


Here's how it works


When you finish a 64oz bottle take a maker and draw a heart on the bottle, you can get as fancy as you like! This is your "promise" to recycle this and future 64oz bottles. Take a picture holding the bottle and upload it to Facebook. The last step is to tag DreadHeadHQ in the picture so it shows up on our wall and message me on Facebook to let me know it posted it. I'll respond to your message with your very own DreadHead Recycler Discount that you can use every time you reorder 64oz soap! Both the regular and organic dread soap are eligible! The discount never expires but we may need to re-new your code if our shopping cart system changes and we can not combine the recycler discount with other discounts.