Does the Lock Scupta Replace the Lock Docta? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

There is some overlap between the two tools, mainly that you can push loose hair into the surface of a dread with the Lock Docta and pull loose hair in with a Lock Sculpta - both in the tips and in the body of the dreads. That said there are some things each tool excels at, so having the right tool for what you are trying to do makes things quicker, easier and safer. For example, when it comes to removing zig-zags you can make some progress with a Lock Sculpta but the Lock Docta is really going to smooth things out quick.

The best what to think of it is that most tasks the Lock Docta excels at are one time things - more like repairs. The Lock Scupta is much more of a maintenance tool and the things it does are done regularly over time.