Do you wash the wax out completely during each shower? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Many people worry about not being able to remove all the wax from their dreads in every shower. In the case of DreadHead Wax, it has been designed so that it would not be removed in a single washing at regular temperatures.

Each time you wash your dreads some of the wax will get washed away but not all of it. It's important that some remain to continue to help the dreads compress and maintain their progress. Products that wash out during each washing can't offer these benefits.

DreadHead Dread Wax will never break down or dry out while in your dreads. If you ever leave the lid off of your jar of DreadHead Wax you'll notice how the wax doesn't change at all... even after years of being exposed to the air. This stability allows it to remain in your dreads and help them lock for as long as you need it too. During the first month the dreads are extremely delicate and having wax in them helps them make and maintain their progress.

At the end of the first month you'll do a "hot rinse" washing that will remove about 98% of the wax from your dreads. This will prepare the dreads for the A week of the A-B maintenance routine when the dreads are to be wax free. The hot rinse also insures that if the dreads were over waxed at any point during the first month, any excess wax that remained is removed.