Do I have to use a dreading comb instead of a normal comb to backcomb my hair? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

You can try it with a normal comb. I did. It didn't work well at all for me. Instead of knotting the hair the bristles just bent and let the hair slip by or popped off. The bristles in most combs are not made to be pulled against very hard since combing and brushing normally pulls away from the scalp and pulling hair is painful. Pushing  towards the scalp, as you do when you backcomb dreadlocks can be done with much more force and no pain. Our dread comb was manufactured just for dreadlocks. Not only is it bulletproof but it also has a hand ruler on the side so you can easily check the section size as you section the hair. You can get the DreadHead Dread Comb along with the wax, soap, and other stuff you'll need in the Supa Dupa Dread Kit. You can also order several additional combs at a discount when you get your kit. This is well worth it, if you can have 4 people backcombing at once you'll have your dreads done in a quarter of the time!