A Note to Parents about Dreadlocks - Dreadlocks FAQ's

So your son/daughter wants dreads and you don't feel it's in their best interest. Dreadlocks, contrary to the beliefs of some, are not an inherently unclean or unsanitary hair style. They are washed and cared for in much the same way that braids are. They will not make your child smelly or dirty and won't damage their scalp or the of their hair. Unlike tattoos dreads can be removed quickly and inexpensively by cutting them, or simply combing them out with Dread-Zasta (our dread removal cream) when your son or daughter grows tired of them.

Most workplaces accept well maintained dreadlocks and those that don't are usually pacified with an all black dread tam (a knit hat for holding dreads). Dreads are not associated with any cults or gangs; however they are associated with vegetarianism, vegan-ism and other natural and heath conscious life styles.

The process of dreadlocking forces one to look inward for strength and assurance and promotes spiritual growth as well as pig-headedness....I mean determination. Dreads are very inexpensive to maintain compared to normal hairstyles which require maintenance by a salon. Pomade, mousses, gels and expensive conditioners are replaced by a completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly wax and a residue free shampoo.

So, maintained dreadlocks are sanitary, actually healthy for the hair and scalp. And while the dreads themselves will one day give way to a less interesting hairstyle, the learning that took place will be permanent. And not only does the process of growing dreadlocks build self confidence and promote spiritual growth, it allows your child a safe, natural and non-permanent way to express themselves. It's your call.


Notes to parents about dreadlocks

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