Vegan Dread Wax


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Dread responsibly! Dread Vegan!

 DreadHeadHQ is pleased to offer a Fully Vegan Dread Wax. This final piece completes our 100% vegan friendly line of dreadlocks products! For those not familiar with Vegan-ism, it's a conscious, responsible lifestyle that avoids the use of animal products and by-products. The purpose being that when we eliminate our dependency on animal products and refuse to purchase them, we can create and drive new markets and products that do not require the exploitation of animals and effectively stop animal cruelty at it's source. It's a tall order but it starts with simple decisions we make every day. 

You might think that after creating a top notch Dread Wax that's helped formed tens of thousands of dreads it would be pretty easy to formulate an all natural Vegan Dread Wax packed with organic ingredients. Well it was harder than we thought too! Beeswax was the natural wonder that we found almost impossible to replace. It took ages to come up with an effective vegan dread wax but here it is, and we think you'll be as thrilled as we are when you try this amazing Vegan alternative to our original formula. It's silky smooth going on and it works in with a quickness. You'll notice your dreads feeling surprisingly light despite it's even, pliable hold. It's also pretty clear there was no skimping on all natural, nutrient rich ingredients either. We always opted for the purest ingredients and chose organic when it existed. We also paid close attention to the "olfactory experience" - I think you'll find the Vegan Dread wax has a fresh lime scent so crisp and breezy, you'll get goose bumps. So pick some up and expect healthier, better looking, fully Vegan dreadlocks in less time!

Instructions for use

The usage instructions for the Vegan Dread Wax are identical to our original formula. You'll notice that the Vegan Dreadwax washes out faster than the original formula which makes removal during hot rinses is easier. You'll also find that all detectable wax will wash away on it's own a bit quicker. Because of this you may need to add wax a little more often. As with the original dread wax you want to wait until all detectable wax is gone before applying more.

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