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Dreads don’t have to be dirty...


Actually they don’t even like being dirty. Keeping the hair super clean and free of conditioners and other residues that lubricate the hair is the fastest and healthiest way to dread.


DreadHead Dread Soap is different because it leaves nothing behind on your hair to slow down the dreading process. It is completely free of SAPONIFIED OILS and other natural residues, which LUBRICATE hair and slow the locking process, it contains no moisturizing additives that can build up and increase drying time, and it is completely free of dread destroying conditioners. It's also beyond hypo-allergenic because it leaves nothing behind to irritate even the most sensitive of scalps!


DreadHead Dread Soap cleans the hair and scalp and leaves no residue behind. It actually helps your dreads tighten, (ORLY?How?) it gets the hair so clean and free of oil and residue that the hair will bind, knot, dread, and tighten faster than it can with any other shampoo. One would assume that all shampoos leave your hair and scalp clean, but the reality is very few are actually designed to not leave oils, scents, conditioners, detanglers, moisturizers, inhibitors and other additives behind. Some of the biggest residue offenders are actually "natural" or homemade soaps such as Castile soaps. They are made by reacting strong chemicals, usually lye, with oils(olive oil, coconut oil or animal fats). The result is a Soaponified Oil. This type of soap has been popular way to clean for hundreds of years. A prized feature of these traditional soaps is that the oils they leave behind make skin & hair feel soft and smooth. Unfortunately these same residues build up in your dreads (just like they do on bathtub walls), reducing air circulation, increasing drying time and even loosening the dreads themselves by lubricating the hair, compromising your hard won knots. Soap that leaves residue on the scalp not only slows down the dreading process which can lead to mildew growing in the dreads, but it can cause itching and irritation of the scalp. Product resides that build up and impact hair follicles have been linked to premature thinning and hair loss in men and women. When hair is dreaded or in braids it is harder to rinse well and it holds residues much better because of the way it is tightly packed together. Keeping the dreads clean and free of buildup is key to their long term maintenance.

DreadHead Dread Soap is totally free of dyes, fragrance, phosphates, and oxidizers. It's also completely un-scented. When you wash your hands in this soap, dry them, and smell them, you will smell nothing but clean. No fruit-laden, flower-fied fragrances at all. Just squeaky clean. 

Our soap uses fully organic coconut based surfactants, the most significant breakthrough in cleaning technology since lye! They allow our dread soap to clean better, leave nothing behind, and do the job with less water than other methods. Our soap is 100% Vegan friendly containing 0% animal products and no phosphates to pollute our water.
How do you know when your scalp is clean? Our Dread Soap will let you know.
Because of the way our Dread Soap is formulated you won't see heaps of lather when you first start washing. But, as everything becomes clean the lather bursts forth. If your scalp is particularly oily, as is often the case when it's time to wash your dreads, you may need to soap up and rinse twice. Why is your scalp oily and your dreads more dry? Brushing moves oil from the scalp to the hair. SInce dreads are not brushed more oil remains at the scalp and needs to be washed away. This is also the reason that using a moisturizer is very important when you have dreads. Without it they get dry, brittle and weak.
Would other companies lie about their shampoo being residue free? You bet.
Whether it's ignorance or purposeful deception I can't say, but neither is cool, especially when dreads are at stake. Take a close look at the ingredients of any dread shampoo that claims to be residue free. Make sure it doesn't contain a list of saponified oils that it will leave in your dreads. Herbs and extracts are often added as a proposed solution to everything from dandruff to itches. If they worked (results are often underwhelming)  and if once they worked they washed away there would be no issue. The problem is they usually have little to no effect and if they are part of the shampoo they are being added each time you wash. Fragrances are probably the least concerning since they are often small, very concentrated amounts. Keep in mind though that pure fragrances rinse away easily, so if a strong fragrance remains after rinsing it's likely being held there by other residues that were left behind. Regardless though, If it leaves a fragrance on your hands it's leaving something behind and it's certainly not 100% residue free. And if it leaves a soap ring in your sink or bath tub it will leave the same in your dreads.
Accept no substitutes. Dread Head Dread Soap is the original 100% Residue Free Dread Shampoo


Enjoy Clean healthy dreads!


Q: What are Residues?


Get your dreadlocks squeaky clean with the Washing brush for dreadlocks!
Protect your new dreads from loosening up while you wash your dreadlocks!



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Rebecca Champoux
great shampoo!

cleans my hair amazingly! It helps make my dreads not itchy on wash day and my undreaded hair feel good too! No build up at all!




Turns your dreads from prickly to soft and amazing no more itchy scalp after you use this