Wooden Dreadlocks Bead Small


$ 1.00 


Great for decorating that purty head of dreads. Everyone needs a couple beads to swing around and they are great for covering rubberbands on your tips while you are waiting for them to lock up! They come in Black, Brown, and Tan. They fit well on most medium size dreads. The inside diameter of the beads are 5/16" or about .9 of a centimeter. If you have any troubles with them staying on smaller dreads you can add rubber band under the bead to help it stay temporarily. If you're putting the bead very close to the tip of the dread a drop of super glue or hair glue can be used for a more permanent attachment. This is commonly done with shells as well. Since the glue only attaches to the hair at the surface of the dread it can usually be removed with minimal effort.  The Beads come in a pack of 3, you get 1 brown, 1 black, and 1 tan bead per pack. Available is Small or Large


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