Standard Dread Tam


$ 37.00 


Tams are great for holding dreads and hiding them at strategic moments, like when you meet grandma for dinner. These sharp lookin' tams are great for  taming dreads during activities but their simple style makes them right for any situation. Black tams are a favorite for when you have to go low profile around conservative family members or formal engagements. Each one is handmade with high quality red heart yarn ensuring it will look great and last for years.

Let's play a game. First I say "Tams come in two sizes, Medium or Large"
Next you say "Awesome, how the heck do I know which to pick?"
Then I explain as follows:

First I should mention that the mouth of the tam, or the part that fits around your head is the same on both. It stretches so it should fit all but the most extreme melons. The medium tams are for short dreads. It can accommodate dreads up to nearly shoulder length. The large tams pick up where the medium ones leave off and they'll work for most dreads below the shoulder blades to nearly mid-back for thinner dreads.

If you need a custom size we can have it made for you. If you're interested you can email us using one of the contact forms on the site or you can hit me up on twitter. 

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