Lock Docta Replacement Needles


$ 5.00 


Poking the Lock Docta straight into a dread doesn't seem too difficult. It's important take your time and avoid pushing it to the side or bending it since a straight push puts the least amount of stress on the dread and gives you the best results. Normally this might be difficult to remember. As it turns out though, the steel of the Lock Docta needle is quite hard and quite thin. This combination will never bend, but if it's pushed sideways it will simply snap off. This can take some getting used to but you'll quickly get used to the idea of pushing it directly into the dreads in a slow direct way. This ends up being safer for your dreads and your fingers! While you're getting used to this you'll undoubtedly break some needles. The Lock Docta comes with extra but this refill pack is available if you need a few more.

3 Needles per pack

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