Dreadlocks Washing Kit


$ 49.99 


Everything you'll want to have on hand for washing your dreads in one pack. Hey that's convenient! Let's take a quick look at each of these fine items and see why you'll want them.


Dread Soap - If you've not washed with Dread Head Dread Soap clean dreads are still just a nice "idea".Dread Soap makes clean fluffy dreads a reality and leaves no residues behind, ever.. Nuff said. 

Shower Cap - Sometimes you need to hop in for a quick rinse off but it's not time to wash the dreadies. Don't let them get damp, they'll likely itch as they dry. Instead pop on this shower cap and own it!


Washing Cap - When it is time to wash new dreads you'll find that each wash brings on a lot of loose hair. Some of this is just part of the program but using a washing cap will make it possible wash and rinse while keeping loose hair to a minimum.


Washing Brush - Taking care of your scalp is paramount. Even with new dreads you must give the scalp a good scrub now and then to help it exfoliate properly. If you don't you'll get itchy and nobody wants that. The washing brush does a great job of gently scrubbing through the roots of the dreads to get the scalp nice and clean.


Towel - When strangers ask how I wash my dreads I tell them "washing is easy, getting them dry is the hard part". They are slow to dry unless you get most of the water out and the right towel makes all the difference. Not only does it absorb and obscene about of water but it's also remarkably thin, so after absorbing the majority of the water from your dreads you can wrap the dreads in a second dread towel to suck out the remaining water and prevent drips from soaking your back after a shower.

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