Dreadlocks Soap Deal


$ 99.99 


If you are washing your dreads with anything else you are missing out. Most soaps work against your dreads filling them with residues and unnecessary chemicals that loosen them and slow down the dreading process. Our all natural soap uses cocoa nut based surfactants, the latest in detergent technology, to thoroughly clean your dreads and sclap and leave NOTHING behind. Not even a scent. The result? Your dreads will actually tighten faster and look better.

Dread Soap is not just for dreads it also happens to be the perfect all around shower gel. Washing with a soap that leaves you clean, rather than a carrier for some fruity scent is pretty addictive. The only downside to dread soap is that you eventually run out of it....and we have solved that problem.


Get your dreadlocks squeaky clean with the Washing brush for dreadlocks!
Protect your new dreads from loosening up while you wash your dreadlocks!