Dread Zasta


$ 14.97 



Removes ANY DREAD! No Cutting No Shaving. Now even fully mature dreads can now be removed...

Something happened, and whatever it is, you’ve gotta back down your dreads. It happens. It may be your 104-year-old uncle said he’d leave you a million bucks if you just lost your dreadlocks until he passes (hell yes). Maybe you’ve just joined a fight club (don’t forget to cut your nails). Whatever the case it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Dread Zasta is an un-relenting force of nature, naturally removing fully mature dreadlocks of any age. In short you get to keep your hair...no shaving, cutting or laser removal necessary. No chainsaws or power tools... In fact with the help of Dread-Zasta you can comb your dreads out and enjoy surprisingly healthy hair the same day! Dread-Zasta is a way over-concentrated mixture of the most effective knot releasing conditioners available. It’s the quickest way to restore the hair to manageable condition…and leave yourself the option of dreading it up again!


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