Dread Wraps


$ 17.00 


Mad dread stylez as limitless as your imagination!

In addition to finding unique styles of your own you’ll really come to love how adept the dreadband-wraps are at cover maturing roots or problems spots in new dreads while showing off the best parts of your locks. The wraps can really call attention to your dreadlocks because there are so many extreme styles you can pull off with wrapped dreads that wouldn’t look right or even be possible with straight hair. On the other hand they can easily achieve the exact opposite effect during more formal affairs, where you’d rather your dreads get as little attention as possible.

We have several ultra-comfortable fleece materials with just the right amount of stretch to make creating new styles fun and easy. If you decide to get a wrap, as soon as you give it a try, you will find out why wearing your dreads up can be even more fun than wearing them down. Add a few of these to your dread wardrobe and they will easily make the top of the list for dread gear you can’t live without....



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