Will knots I make during my A week last until the B week? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

I just started my "A" week (first week of my second month with dreads). I did my hot rinse to remove all the wax and now I'm clockwise rubbing to make knots in the straight hair at my roots. Will the new knots that I make with cwr (clockwise rubbing) at the start of the week stay in all week without any wax to help them compress? What keeps them from falling out? Should I wax each one when I'm done making knots?


You want to maintain the "A" week environment, where the hair likes to knot, all week long, so don't add any wax yet. The new knots will have some tendency to loosen since there will be no wax. You can help the new knots stay by palm rolling each one real well, as soon as you finish making the knotty wads. (TIP: Some Locking Accelerator can be sprayed on the new knots before palmrolling.) This palmrolling will begin the compression that the wax will finish next week and it will tighten the knots so they slip apart less. Since you'll have rubberbands near the roots you can slide the bands down over the new knots after palmrolling which will also help keep them in place while they wait for a little wax and a lot of palm rolling the following week (the "B" week)