Waxx-Off Guarantee Terms

waxx off

The purpose of the Waxx oFF Guarantee is two fold. First, it ensures that our customers never have to pay for Waxx oFF. It is our belief that when the instructions followed our dread wax will be completely removable by a Hot Rinse. If for some reason your situation is an exception, and we are unable to help you get the desired results, we will provide a coupon that can be used to receive Waxx oFF product at no charge after we receive the details about your waxing experience (see below) and have a chance to assist you with completing a hot rinse.

The second reason for this Guarantee is to ensure that we are informed of any case where our customers have difficulty removing our wax, so we can learn why an exception has occurred. If you should contact me and request a coupon for Waxx oFF I will send you a survey to learn as much as I can about the circumstances surrounding your difficult to remove wax. This information is extremely important. Occurrences of problems with our wax are either quite rare or customers rarely take the time to inform us. Either way we have very little information about these exceptions. This guarantee should give us the opportunity to help and learn more about these situations so we can prevent them completely. Please use this form to contact me regarding the Waxx-oFF Guarantee.

Please note that the terms of this guarantee are subject to change at our discretion.