It says: No Record Of This Item when I track my package. - Dreadlocks FAQ's


That's not a happy message! Fortunately the fix is usually pretty simple. This almost always occurs because your package shipped with UPS Mail Innovations. This is hybrid service is a joint effort between UPS and the Post Office. Nice to see them working together... =] The problem is that the tracking link sends you to the USPS site when it should send you here: UPS Mail Innovations

Try your tracking number on their site with a little ctrl-c, ctrl-v action and you should get a much more helpful result.

If your tracking number is not recognized on the Mail Innovations site please make sure that you're not trying to track a USPS First Class International Shipment. First Class International shipments do not offer tracking - the number provided is a shipment ID number for claim purposes.

If your package is not shipping international and it's tracking number not recognized by any carriers, (they have no record of it) please click here to let us know.

If they have record of the shipment but are just showing a "Billing Information Received" message please click here. Choose your carrier from the options and then select the "Billing Information Received" message.