Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Yes, we have chosen to use Sodium Laureth Sulfate in our dread soap and as you read this page you'll understand why!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLS, and the less common but more gentle, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, SLES, are at the top of several consumer scare lists. Most read "top ten harmful ingredients", etc.. However, when you go looking for scientific evidence to support the negative claims all you'll find are references to experiments done by a Dr. Green. If you research a bit more you'll find that Dr. Keith Green of the University of Georgia, who actually did the studies which are cited, has come forward and publicly stated that the propaganda is false and that his results found SLS to be completely safe. You will also find that Neways, the company that started the SLS rumors, has been contacted repeatedly by the University of Georgia who has threatened to take legal action against them for using their name, and that of Dr. Green, to support the claims they make in their literature.

It's all completely bunk...One company spreading fear and doubt hoping to gain some sales for their products. It's amazing how well it worked. Normally it costs huge sums of money to reach people with a message, whether it's true or not, but the reason this tactic is so effective is that well meaning people, trying to help others, spread the fear and make it work.

The internet makes this angle infinitely stronger with email forwards, message boards and blogs, all ready to spread this "important safety information". Other small companies see these ingredient black lists and if their product doesn't contain any of the ingredients, they see it as a benefit of their product and they add the list to their site. Even our beloved, orange, competition has begun "educating" their customers about SLS and SLES.

I invite you to read more about SLS and the actual results of the experiments here.

Of course, we don't have to bring this to light...we could just jump on the bandwagon and offer a variation of our soap without SLES. However truth is that SLES is safe and it's one of the ingredients that makes our dread soap the most effective available. Why should we give our customers an inferior product when we can let them know the facts and enjoy better dreads. w00t w00t!

SLS is one of the better know "ingredients to avoid" but there are many more.