Preparing your Employer for Dreadlocks

preparing your job employer for dreadlocks

If you're not living at home, and parental consent is not an issue, then more likely than not you have a job, and keeping your employer happy is an issue. Employers and jobs vary as much as parents do so you may have no problems or dreads on the job may be a complete impossibility. Usually it falls somewhere in between. Fortunately employers are, for the most part, pretty rational and their concerns are pretty easy to predict. Fortunately for you, many objections that employers have with dreads are based on misinformation and outdated images of "dirty hippie burnout bums". You can make a lot of progress just by providing them with some good information and a better idea of the type of dreads you have in mind. Of course I'm assuming that you're not going for neglect style dreads...if that's your plan your options for employment will be severely limited for quite a while. On the other hand, if you're here because you want to get your dreads started and looking "the business" as soon as you can, there is a much better chance you'll meet with approval from your employer.

As with parents, if you're patient and you do a good job communicating a rational case for dreads there is an excellent chance that you can win approval and support your decision. I wrote "Preparing your Employer for Dreadlocks" to help you out.