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The following pages will walk you through getting dreadlocks the DreadHeadHQ way. It's important to understand that dreadlocks are not a one size fits all kind-of-thing. The methods I use and teach on this site will allow you to make tight dreads of any size and shape, but I want to let you know that these are not the only methods that exist....they are just the best I've found. There are lots of other ideas about how dreads should be fact, what constitutes "good looking" dreads varies from group to group. I don't tend to take sides - I don't think it's my place to, and I think everyone is entitled to their own preference.

The focus of this site is to help you achieve whatever type of dreads you want. I'm assuming you have some idea of what you'd like your dreads to look like -size, shape etc. I'll give you the tools and you can use them to create your masterpiece. There are those that choose not to participate - they let their hair do whatever it wants instead of being part of the process. Of course you have that option too. I can't predict the results you'll get, but I know that if your main priority is that your dreads form (or partially form) on their own, with no help from you, then you're pretty much limited to just waiting....

  On the other hand, if you decide that you want to be part of the dreadlocking process, and you want to help your dreadlocks grow to look like you want them to, whether that's perfectly groomed, wild and crazy,  thin or thick, or somewhere in between.... then read on my soon to be dready friend, I've got a ton of great info, tips, step-by-step instructions and even dreadlocks videos that will allow you and some friends, or you and a hair stylist,  to put some epic dreads in your hair. These dreadlocks methods and products have been time tested and proven to work again and again - in fact they've been guaranteed  for over a decade! So put your fear aside, say good bye to that boring hair, and let's get dready!

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"Thanks to dreadheadhq my dreads are great. Dreadheadhq products have done wonders for my hair, have had them for 4 yrs now and thanks to you guys they are almost down my back and look great! Thanks knotty!
-Kevin Jones - AL