Locking Accelerator

It's all for knottin'!

spray locking accelerator making dreadlocksNow's a good time to spray your hair down with the Locking Accelerator. Grab a towel and run outside.

Put the towel around your neck and flip your head forward. You should spray the Locking Accelerator on your hair pointing away from your scalp. If it gets on your scalp it's not a big deal but avoid it if you can. The reason you want to keep it on your hair is that the Accelerator works by drying the hair and spreading the cuticles apart on the surface of the hair. This natural drying is great for the purpose of creating knots in hair but on your skin it tends to feel itchy, much like if you were to swim in the ocean and not rinse your hair afterward. So, if you happen to get quite a bit on your scalp and it does feel itchy, simply rinse it with regular water.

You don't need to soak your dreads down completely but they should be wet with Accelerator when you're done. If you can, dry them with a hair dryer to leave the maximum amount of accelerator in the hair. If that's not an option just towel dry. The hair dryer is ideal because you'll be able to get them completely dry quickly and you'll want to have them completely dry before the next step. A hair dryer will come in handy while your dreads are new for drying Accelerator as well as for adding and removing wax. Later when your dreads mature you'll find a hair dryer indispensable for getting your dreads dry. If you don't have a good hair dry on hand, it's a good idea to get one that can handle dreads. I recommend the one I've been using, it's a powerhouse. You can get it here on Amazon.

spray locking accelerator making dreadlocksBy leaning your upper body over while you spray it's much easier to keep the accelerator on your hair and prevent it from running down on your head or dripping on your clothes. This first spray before you start your backcombing should leave you plenty of Locking Accelerator for maintenance later on. Accelerator is always most effective at helping the hair knot when it is clean. After you're first month with dreads you'll begin the A-B maintenance routine. The A week is the week you'll concentrate on making new knots. You'll use Accelerator on the A week along with Lock Pepper to increase the friction between the hair and make knotting easy. Don't worry if this seems like a lot of info now, I'll explain everything in depth later on! ..but right now, Let's Backcomb some Dreadlocks!