Lock-Up-Dates - What are Lock-Up-Dates?

locks up dates


Lock-Up-Dates™ revolutionize the way you start and maintain your dreads. Why didn't someone think of this before?


Assuming that you've read the majority of this site you have a pretty good idea of what you'll need to do to make your dreads happen. However, if you're involved in any extracurricular activities, dreading 101 is not the only course on your plate. As your knatties progress it's unlikely that you'll find the time to scour our website for every droplet of dread know-how that pertains to you and yours at their particular stage of maturity. This is where Lock-Up-Dates™ come in. Lock-Up-Dates™ follow the progress of your dreads. They let you know what to expect and provide dreadlock info that's targeted to your locks "right now".

Like “time release nuggets of dread wisdom”, they provide just what you need to know, at the time when it's most helpful. You'll also get long term reminders like when to remove your rubber bands and switch up your maintenance routine. To further sweeten the deal you'll find exclusive tips and even some sweet coupons along the way! The Lock-Up-Date™ service is currently included free of charge with all of our Dread Kits that include dread wax. You'll receive instructions for starting your Lock-Up-Dates™ in an email that you'll receive after placing your order for one of these kits.